LaVonne Kincaid, Consultant

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118 Kenosha St; PO Box 159
Walworth WI, 53184

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LaVonne Kincaid, formerly an active real estate agent and now one of our consultants, has enjoyed a full-service real estate career in the Geneva Lakes area for over 25 years.  Both LaVonne and her husband spent summers on Lake Geneva as youngsters and felt fortunate in relocating to this area several years ago as full-time residents.  LaVonne knows the area well and takes pride in having found just the right real estate niche for both year-round and second home purchasers in a wide variety of price-ranges. She has listed and sold lake front properties on Delavan, Lake Geneva, Powers and Lauderdale Lakes as well as many more “inland” locations. If you are one of her former clients or looking for a current solution, LaVonne would be pleased to welcome you back and/or to help resolve your immediate interests.