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A Whole New Perspective

gallery_lakegenevarealestateIn 2006, the economy and real estate market began to shift into a downturn and many realtors, lenders, appraisers, sellers and buyers were not prepared to transition to the new market realities. Most of these parties had not dealt with foreclosures, short sales, tight mortgage money, high inventories, competition and long marketing times. At the same time, technology and social media were becoming primary forces in the real estate market. The Rauland Agency is proud to have successfully helped its customers and partners navigate the new market and marketing realities that the past seven years have created.

The real estate market in Walworth County is once again beginning to grow and this improvement is leading to new market and marketing dynamics. Sellers, buyers, lenders, appraisers and real estate professionals all need to adjust ahead of these changes. Once again, The Rauland Agency is offering its clients a whole new perspective on real estate in Walworth County and the lakes area.

jumperskyWalking the Shore Path on Geneva Lake is a wonderful experience matched only by being out on the lake making memories on a perfect summer day. Both are excellent ways to fully appreciate the lake. But, for a whole new appreciation of this incredible area, you need to gain a new perspective. If you haven’t seen the area by plane, the views are breathtaking. A romantic hot air balloon ride over the lakes area can be very inspiring. Many people have also seen the lake aloft the area thermals while parasailing but for the ultimate thrill and perspective try jumping out of a plane with the Sky Knights to take in the picturesque vistas you can only get from high above the County where the lakes start out as small blue dots set against a carpet of green.

skyjumperIf you are going to adjust to the changing real estate market you cannot continue to do the same things you did over the past seven years and expect results. You need a new perspective. But, don’t worry about jumping into the new market on your own. If you jump with an experienced and knowledgeable partner you can experience the results without the fear.

The Rauland Agency has the most experienced agents in the area and has been one of the most respected and trusted real estate agencies in Southeastern Wisconsin since 1961. The Rauland Agency has been preparing for this new market with new tools and a new perspective. We are excited to introduce our new website to help you take advantage of the new market and our new tools. We hope you enjoy our new website and that it will help you to connect to our agency, agents, solutions and online links and get to know us even better. Buyers and sellers will find answers to many of their questions, get to know our agents, sign-up for automated, customized searches, browse our community information and links, follow us on social media sites, enjoy our new commercial, get familiar with our distinctive services and approach to the new market and read our blog for useful tips, information, insight, advice and strategies. Even if you are not participating in the real estate market, get a new perspective by pulling up a chair and enjoying the gorgeous photos of the area on our site. The new market conditions are changing quickly, so let us assist you in jumping into the market and getting a whole perspective on real estate that you can use to make the most of the new market going forward.

We are proud to introduce our custom Avatars to answer your questions. Luke Poggensee is the son of Connie and Dale Poggensee of Elkhorn (Connie is a broker with The Rauland Agency) and Ellen Ericson is the daughter of Paul and Claudia Ericson of Fontana.

Put your Faith in Us & Let us Tell your Story

CrossintheWallEvery home tells a story. As experienced real estate professionals that are active in our communities and rooted by our families and professional experiences to the Walworth County area, we are experts in not only real estate transactions and helping our clients achieve their dreams but also in the inspiring stories of the incredible properties, people and resources in this very special place we all call home.

The former Westgate Estate in Fontana is an example of a legendary Geneva Lake estate that has an inspiring story to tell. In the early 1900’s, Gertrude Allen, the daughter of a wealthy businessman (Central Leather Company) purchased 22 acres of land in Fontana on the South Shore of Geneva Lake. She named the property “The Oaks” in honor of the majestic oak trees that graced the property and began making plans to build her dream home on the grounds. Gertrude was inspired to build an English Tudor manor home on her estate. Work was begun on the construction of her dream home in 1917 and during the process she was married to George Westgate in 1918. Gertrude’s dream home was due to be completed in 1920 but, unfortunately, before Gertrude and George could celebrate their first wedding anniversary, tragedy struck and Gertrude became a victim of the worldwide influenza pandemic and passed away.

The Westgate manor home was constructed with granite blocks and a beautiful granite stone wall was begun. The variegated colors and sizes of granite stone blocks were arranged alternately to enhance the beauty of the wall and match the pattern of the granite stone on the manor home. Companies in Chicago that were concerned with needing to lay-off valuable craftsmen would often send them to work on projects on lakefront estates around Geneva Lake such as stone walls and sea walls. As the Westgate wall was being built, one of the workmen suffered a serious injury and his prognosis was of great concern to the other workmen as well as George. In tribute to their fellow craftsman’s talent, the other workmen left a subtle yet inspiring reminder in the Westgate wall of their faith. The careful observer can still spot the cross in the Westgate wall that memorializes this legend today.

In 1940, George sold the estate to Marie Pisors. Later, the property was divided and the former coach house was sold. Marie loved Westgate as much as Gertrude dreamed she would when she envisioned it. Marie commissioned Duncan and Ellie Fleming (Lake Geneva residents and miniaturists) to create a miniature version of Westgate which Marie decorated to be a 100% replica of her home. The miniature did not include the beautiful granite wall but Marie enjoyed retelling the legend of the cross in the wall and it takes a careful observer to spot it. Westgate was torn down in 2008 by its new owners but the wall and its legend still edge the property along South Shore Drive.

As real estate professionals, this legend reminds us that real estate transactions are more than numbers, contracts and finances and even though they are often the largest financial investment our clients make in their lifetimes, they are, above all else, representations of their dreams. And, at The Rauland Agency, we know that our buyers and sellers put their faith and dreams in our hands each day and we strive to assist them to successfully achieve those dreams. More importantly, every property does tell a story and if you are selling your home it is important to make sure that the story your property is telling will get your property sold successfully and as quickly as possible for the optimum price. Our agents are experts at presenting your home’s story to the market and potential buyers. And, as a buyer, it is important to work with a real estate agency that will listen to the story of your dreams and goals and find you the perfect home to tell your story in the future. At The Rauland Agency, you are never a number…your story matters. We want to tell your story and we promise, that when you put your faith in us, we will tell your story and the results will be legendary. If you are planning to sell or purchase a home, contact us so we can show you the difference working with The Rauland Agency makes. And, if you would like to appreciate the Westgate estate, Gertrude’s dream and Marie’s pride for yourself, the miniature replica is on display at Webster House in Elkhorn, WI.